Ballerina connector for Google People API connects the Google People API via Ballerina language with ease. It provides capability to perform operations related to contacts and contact groups in Google Contacts.

This module supports Google People API v1.0.


Before using this connector in your Ballerina application, complete the following:


To use the Google People API connector in your Ballerina application, update the .bal file as follows:

Step 1: Import connector

Import the ballerinax/googleapis.people module into the Ballerina project.

import ballerinax/googleapis.people as people;

Step 2: Create a new connector instance

Enter the credentials in the Google People API client configuration, and create the Google People API client by passing the configuration.

people:ConnectionConfig googleContactConfig = {
    auth: {
        clientId: "<CLIENT_ID>",
        clientSecret: <CLIENT_SECRET>,
        refreshUrl: people:REFRESH_URL,
        refreshToken: <REFRESH_TOKEN>

people:Client googleContactClient = check new (googleContactConfig);

Step 3: Invoke connector operation

  1. Create a contact via the createContact method by passing a Person record and FieldMask[] as parameters.

    people:Person person = {
        emailAddresses: [],
        names: [{
            familyName: "Hardy",
            givenName: "Jason",
            unstructuredName: "Jason Hardy"
    people:FieldMask[] personFields = [people:NAME, people:PHONE_NUMBER, people:EMAIL_ADDRESS];
    people:PersonResponse createContact = check googleContactClient->createContact(person, personFields);
  2. Use bal run command to compile and run the Ballerina program.

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