Record: Options

Provides a set of additional configurations related to the MySQL database connection.

Closed record


  • ssl SecureSocket?
  • SSL configurations to be used

  • failoverConfig FailoverConfig?
  • Server failover configurations to be used

  • useXADatasource boolean(default false)
  • Flag to enable or disable XADatasource

  • connectTimeout decimal(default 30)
  • Timeout (in seconds) to be used when establishing a connection to the MySQL server

  • socketTimeout decimal(default 0)
  • Socket timeout (in seconds) to be used during the read/write operations with the MySQL server (0 means no socket timeout)

  • serverTimezone string?
  • Configures the connection time zone, which is used by the Connector/J if the conversion between a Ballerina application and a target time zone is required when preserving instant temporal values

  • noAccessToProcedureBodies boolean(default false)
  • With this option the user is allowed to invoke procedures with access to metadata restricted