Record: CosmosDBTriggerConfiguration

CosmosDB trigger annotation configuration.

Closed record


  • connectionStringSetting string
  • The name of the app setting which contains the connection string for CosmosDB account

  • databaseName string
  • The database name

  • collectionName string
  • The collection name

  • leaseConnectionStringSetting string?
  • The name of the app setting which contains the lease connection string

  • leaseDatabaseName string?
  • The name of the lease database

  • leaseCollectionName string?
  • The name of the collection used to store leases

  • createLeaseCollectionIfNotExists boolean(default true)
  • The lease collection is automatically created when this is set to true

  • leasesCollectionThroughput int?
  • The request throughput of the lease collection

  • leaseCollectionPrefix string?
  • The prefix of the leases created

  • feedPollDelay int?
  • The time delay (in milliseconds) in polling a partition for new changes in the feed

  • leaseAcquireInterval int?
  • The time (in milliseconds) the interval to create a task to check if partitions are distributed evenly

  • leaseExpirationInterval int?
  • The lease expiration interval in milliseconds

  • leaseRenewInterval int?
  • The lease renewal interval in milliseconds

  • checkpointFrequency int?
  • The interval (in milliseconds) between lease checkpoints

  • maxItemsPerInvocation int?
  • The maximum number of items received per function call

  • startFromBeginning boolean?
  • Tells the trigger to read changes from the beginning of the collection's change history

  • preferredLocations string?
  • A comma-seperated list of regions as preferred locations for geo-replicated database accounts