Record: APIGatewayProxyRequest

Represents the AWS API Gateway proxy request details received from AWS when the gateway is triggered.


  • 'resource string
  • path string
  • the URL path of the caller

  • httpMethod string
  • HTTP method of the request

  • requestContext map<string>
  • request context of the request

  • headers map<string>
  • headers of the request

  • multiValueHeaders map<string[ ]>
  • multi value headers (if they are enabled)

  • queryStringParameters map<string>
  • query string parameters of the request

  • multiValueQueryStringParameters map<string[ ]>
  • multi value query string parameters of the request

  • pathParameters map<string>
  • path parameters of the request

  • stageVariables map<string>
  • stage variables of the stage in the API Gateway

  • body string
  • body of the request

  • isBase64Encoded boolean
  • field to identify if the content is Base64 encoded