Record: ClientConfiguration

Record to represent the client configuration for the HubClient/PublisherClient.

Closed record


  • httpVersion string(default HTTP_1_1)
  • The HTTP version understood by the client

  • http1Settings ClientHttp1Settings(default {})
  • Configurations related to HTTP/1.x protocol

  • http2Settings ClientHttp2Settings(default {})
  • Configurations related to HTTP/2 protocol

  • timeout decimal(default 60)
  • The maximum time to wait (in seconds) for a response before closing the connection

  • poolConfig PoolConfiguration?
  • Configurations associated with request pooling

  • auth ClientAuthConfig?
  • Configurations related to client authentication

  • retryConfig RetryConfig?
  • Configurations associated with retrying

  • responseLimits ResponseLimitConfigs(default {})
  • Configurations associated with inbound response size limits

  • secureSocket ClientSecureSocket?
  • SSL/TLS related options

  • circuitBreaker CircuitBreakerConfig?
  • Configurations associated with the behaviour of the Circuit Breaker