Record: ListenerConfiguration

Provides a set of configurations for configure the underlying HTTP listener of the WebSub listener.

Closed record


  • Fields Included from *ListenerConfiguration
    • host string
    • The host name/IP of the endpoint

    • http1Settings ListenerHttp1Settings
    • Configurations related to HTTP/1.x protocol

    • secureSocket ListenerSecureSocket | ()
    • The SSL configurations for the service endpoint. This needs to be configured in order to communicate through HTTPS.

    • httpVersion string
    • Highest HTTP version supported by the endpoint

    • timeout decimal
    • Period of time in seconds that a connection waits for a read/write operation. Use value 0 to disable timeout

    • server string | ()
    • The server name which should appear as a response header

    • requestLimits RequestLimitConfigs
    • Configurations associated with inbound request size limits

    • interceptors RequestInterceptor | RequestErrorInterceptor[ ] | ()
    • An array of interceptor services

  • gracefulShutdownPeriod decimal(default 20)
  • The time period in seconds to wait for unsubscription verification