Record: JwtValidatorConfig

Represents JWT validator configurations for JWT authentication.

Closed record


  • Fields Included from *ValidatorConfig
    • issuer string
    • Expected issuer, which is mapped to the iss

    • username string
    • Expected username, which is mapped to the sub

    • audience string | string[ ]
    • Expected audience, which is mapped to the aud

    • jwtId string
    • Expected JWT ID, which is mapped to the jti

    • keyId string
    • Expected JWT key ID, which is mapped the kid

    • customClaims map<json>
    • Expected map of custom claims

    • clockSkew decimal
    • Clock skew (in seconds) that can be used to avoid token validation failures due to clock synchronization problems

    • signatureConfig ValidatorSignatureConfig
    • JWT signature configurations

    • cacheConfig CacheConfig
    • Configurations related to the cache, which are used to store parsed JWT information

    • anydata...
  • scopeKey string(default "scope")
  • The key used to fetch the scopes