Record: ClientConfiguration

Configurations for the WebSocket client. The following fields are inherited from the other configuration records in addition to the client-specific configs. |

Closed record


  • Fields Included from *CommonClientConfiguration
    • subProtocols string[ ]
    • Negotiable sub protocols of the client

    • customHeaders map<string>
    • Custom headers, which should be sent to the server

    • readTimeout decimal
    • Read timeout (in seconds) of the client

    • writeTimeout decimal
    • Write timeout (in seconds) of the client

    • secureSocket ClientSecureSocket | ()
    • SSL/TLS-related options

    • maxFrameSize int
    • The maximum payload size of a WebSocket frame in bytes. If this is not set, is negative, or is zero, the default frame size of 65536 will be used

    • webSocketCompressionEnabled boolean
    • Enable support for compression in the WebSocket

    • handShakeTimeout decimal
    • Time (in seconds) that a connection waits to get the response of the WebSocket handshake. If the timeout exceeds, then the connection is terminated with an error. If the value < 0, then the value sets to the default value(300)

    • cookies Cookie[ ]
    • An Array of http:Cookie

    • auth ClientAuthConfig
    • Configurations related to client authentication

    • pingPongHandler PingPongService
    • A service to handle the ping/pong frames. Resources in this service gets called on the receipt of ping/pong frames from the server

    • retryConfig WebSocketRetryConfig | ()
    • Retry related configurations.