Record: Civil

Time within some region relative to a time scale stipulated by civilian authorities.


  • year int
  • Year as an integer

  • month int
  • Month as an integer (1 <= month <= 12)

  • day int
  • Day as an integer (1 <= day <= 31)

  • anydata...
  • hour int
  • Hour as an integer(0 <= hour <= 23)

  • minute int
  • Minute as an integer(0 <= minute <= 59)

  • second Seconds
  • Second as decimal value with nanoseconds precision

  • anydata...
  • utcOffset ZoneOffset?
  • An optional zone offset

  • timeAbbrev string?
  • If present, abbreviation for the local time (e.g., EDT, EST) in effect at the time represented by this record; this is quite the same as the name of a time zone one time zone can have two abbreviations: one for standard time and one for daylight savings time

  • which ZERO_OR_ONE?
  • when the clocks are put back at the end of DST, one hour's worth of times occur twice i.e. the local time is ambiguous this says which of those two times is meant same as fold field in Python see is_dst has similar role in struct tm, but with confusing semantics

  • dayOfWeek DayOfWeek?
  • Day of the week (e.g., SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, ... SATURDAY)