This module provides APIs for sending/receiving messages to/from another application process (local or remote) over the connection-oriented TCP protocol.


The tcp:Client is used to connect to a socket server and interact with it. The client can send the data to the server and retrieve the data from the server.

A client can be defined by providing the remoteHost and the remotePort. A simple client code is as follows.



The tcp:Listener is used to listen to the incoming socket request. The onConnect(tcp:Caller) remote method gets invoked when a new client is connected. The new client is represented using the tcp:Caller. The onConnect(tcp:Caller) method may return tcp:ConnectionService|tcp:Error.

The tcp:ConnectionService can have the following remote methods

onBytes(readonly & byte[] data) - This remote method is invoked once the content is received from the client.

onError(readonly & tcp:Error err) - This remote method is invoked in an error situation.

onClose() - This remote method is invoked when the connection is closed.

A tcp:Listener can be defined as follows:


Using the TLS protocol

The Ballerina TCP module allows the use of TLS in communication. This expects a secure socket to be set in the connection configuration as shown below.

Configuring TLS in server side
Configuring TLS in client side

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