Record: ExecutionResult

The result of the query without returning the rows.


  • affectedRowCount int
  • Number of rows affected by the execution of the query. It may be one of the following, (1) A number greater than or equal to zero -- indicates that the command was processed successfully and is the affected row count in the database that were affected by the command's execution (2) A value of SUCCESS_NO_INFO indicates that the command was processed successfully but that the number of rows affected is unknown (3) A value of EXECUTION_FAILED indicated the specific command failed. This can be returned in BatchExecuteError and only if the driver continues to process the statements after the error occurred.

  • lastInsertId string | int?
  • The integer or string generated by the database in response to a query execution. Typically this will be from an "auto increment" column when inserting a new row. Not all databases support this feature, and hence it can be also nil.