Record: IntrospectionResponse

Represents the introspection endpoint response.


  • active boolean
  • Boolean indicator of whether or not the presented token is currently active

  • scope string?
  • A JSON string containing a space-separated list of scopes associated with this token

  • clientId string?
  • Client identifier for the OAuth 2.0 client, which requested this token

  • username string?
  • Resource owner who authorized this token

  • tokenType string?
  • Type of the token

  • exp int?
  • Expiry time (seconds since the Epoch)

  • iat int?
  • Time when the token was issued originally (seconds since the Epoch)

  • nbf int?
  • Token is not to be used before this time (seconds since the Epoch)

  • sub string?
  • Subject of the token

  • aud string?
  • Intended audience of the token

  • iss string?
  • Issuer of the token

  • jti string?
  • String identifier for the token