Record: HttpServiceConfig

Contains the configurations for an HTTP service.

Closed record


  • host string(default "b7a.default")
  • Domain name of the service

  • compression CompressionConfig(default {})
  • The status of compression

  • chunking Chunking(default CHUNKING_AUTO)
  • Configures the chunking behaviour for the service

  • cors CorsConfig(default {})
  • The cross origin resource sharing configurations for the service

  • auth ListenerAuthConfig[ ]?
  • Service auth configurations

  • mediaTypeSubtypePrefix string?
  • Service specific media-type subtype prefix

  • treatNilableAsOptional boolean(default true)
  • Treat Nilable parameters as optional

  • interceptors Interceptor[ ]?
  • An array of interceptor services

  • openApiDefinition byte[ ](default [])
  • The generated OpenAPI definition for the HTTP service. This is auto-generated at compile-time if OpenAPI doc auto generation is enabled