Record: OAuth2PasswordGrantConfig

Represents OAuth2 password grant configurations for OAuth2 authentication.

Closed record


  • Fields Included from *PasswordGrantConfig
    • tokenUrl string
    • Token URL of the token endpoint

    • username string
    • Username for the password grant type

    • password string
    • Password for the password grant type

    • clientId string
    • Client ID of the client authentication

    • clientSecret string
    • Client secret of the client authentication

    • scopes string[ ]
    • Scope(s) of the access request

    • refreshConfig record { refreshUrl string, scopes string[ ], optionalParams map<string>, credentialBearer CredentialBearer, clientConfig ClientConfiguration }
    • Configurations for refreshing the access token

    • defaultTokenExpTime decimal
    • Expiration time (in seconds) of the tokens if the token endpoint response does not contain an expires_in field

    • clockSkew decimal
    • Clock skew (in seconds) that can be used to avoid token validation failures due to clock synchronization problems

    • optionalParams map<string>
    • Map of the optional parameters used for the token endpoint

    • credentialBearer CredentialBearer
    • Bearer of the authentication credentials, which is sent to the token endpoint

    • clientConfig ClientConfiguration
    • HTTP client configurations, which are used to call the token endpoint