Record: LoadBalanceClientConfiguration

The configurations related to the load balancing client endpoint. The following fields are inherited from the other configuration records in addition to the load balancing client specific configs.

Closed record


  • Fields Included from *CommonClientConfiguration
    • httpVersion string
    • http1Settings ClientHttp1Settings
    • http2Settings ClientHttp2Settings
    • timeout decimal
    • forwarded string
    • followRedirects ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.2:FollowRedirects?
    • poolConfig ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.2:PoolConfiguration?
    • cache CacheConfig
    • compression Compression
    • auth ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.2:ClientAuthConfig?
    • circuitBreaker ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.2:CircuitBreakerConfig?
    • retryConfig ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.2:RetryConfig?
    • cookieConfig ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.2:CookieConfig?
    • responseLimits ResponseLimitConfigs
  • targets TargetService[ ](default [])
  • The upstream HTTP endpoints among which the incoming HTTP traffic load should be distributed

  • lbRule LoadBalancerRule?(default ())
  • The LoadBalancing rule

  • failover boolean(default true)
  • Configuration for the load balancer whether to fail over a failure