Record: FailoverClientConfiguration

Provides a set of HTTP related configurations and failover related configurations. The following fields are inherited from the other configuration records in addition to the failover client-specific configs.

Closed record


  • Fields Included from *CommonClientConfiguration
    • httpVersion string
    • http1Settings ClientHttp1Settings
    • http2Settings ClientHttp2Settings
    • timeout decimal
    • forwarded string
    • followRedirects ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.1:FollowRedirects?
    • poolConfig ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.1:PoolConfiguration?
    • cache CacheConfig
    • compression Compression
    • auth ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.1:ClientAuthConfig?
    • circuitBreaker ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.1:CircuitBreakerConfig?
    • retryConfig ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.1:RetryConfig?
    • cookieConfig ballerina/http:1.1.0-beta.1:CookieConfig?
    • responseLimits ResponseLimitConfigs
  • targets TargetService[ ](default [])
  • The upstream HTTP endpoints among which the incoming HTTP traffic load should be sent on failover

  • failoverCodes int[ ](default [501, 502, 503, 504])
  • Array of HTTP response status codes for which the failover behaviour should be triggered

  • interval decimal(default 0)
  • Failover delay interval in seconds