This module provides APIs, which perform file, file path, and directory operations, and a Directory Listener, which is used to listen to a directory in the local file system.

This provides the interface to create, delete, rename the file/directory, retrieve metadata of the given file, and manipulate the filename paths in a way that is compatible according to the target file paths defined by the operating system.

The path of the file/directory needs to be defined with either forward slashes or back slashes depending on the operating system.

Directory Listener

The file:Listener is used to monitor all the files and subdirectories inside the specified directory.

A Listener endpoint can be defined using the mandatory path parameter and the optional recursive parameter as follows.

listener file:Listener inFolder = new ({
    path: "<The directory path>",
    recursive: false

If the listener needs to monitor subdirectories of the given directory, recursive needs to be set to true. The default value of this is false.

A Service has the defined remote methods with the file:FileEvent and can be exposed via a Listener endpoint. When there are changes in the listening directory, the file:FileEvent will be triggered with the action of the file such as creating, modifying, or deleting.

The remote methods supported by the Service are as follows.

onCreate: This method is invoked once a new file is created in the listening directory.

onDelete: This method is invoked once an existing file is deleted from the listening directory.

onDelete: This method is invoked once an existing file is modified in the listening directory.

The following code sample shows how to create a Service with the onCreate remote method and attach it to the above Listener endpoint:

service "localObserver" on inFolder {

    remote function onCreate(file:FileEvent m) {
        string msg = "Create: " +;

For information on the operations, which you can perform with the regex module, see the below Functions.

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